Masternode Hosting + Affiliate Program


Host your Masternode with just a few clicks!


Buy the credits in the
finance section


Send outputs to the Cryptoselfmade platform


Receive the config file and
insert into your wallet

How to setup a Masternode on 
Cryptoselfmade with just a few clicks!

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We host over 150 Masternode Coins

Your coins never leave your wallet!


If someone registers on the platform and uses our service,
you will earn up to 50% commissions on 10 levels.

1. Get your link

Share your personal Cryptoselfmade referral link.

2. Invite users

The more partners you bring to Cryptoselfmade, the
more you earn.

3. Be rewarded

Receive residual commissions based on the service that your partners purchase.

How does the Affiliate system of
Cryptoselfmade works?

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7 % commission on 3 levels

  • 1 level: 5% commission
  • 2 level: 1% commission
  • 3 level: 1 % commission
  • Residual Income
  • Free content
  • Telegram Bot

$0 / month


50 % commission on 10 levels

  • 1 level: 25% commission
  • 2 level: 10% commission
  • 3 level: 5% commission
  • 4 level: 3% commission
  • 5 level: 2% commission
  • 6 level: 1 % commission
  • 7 level: 1 % commission
    • 8 level: 1 % commission
      • 9 level: 1 % commission
        • 10 level: 1 % commission
  • Residual Income
  • Premium content
  • Telegram Bot



21.5 % commission on 10 levels

  • 1 level: 10% commission
  • 2 level: 5 % commission
  • 3 level: 2 % commission
  • 4 level: 1 % commission
  • 5 level: 1 % commission
  • 6 level: 0.5 % commission
  • 7 level: 0.5  % commission
    • 8 level: 0.5 % commission
      • 9 level: 0.5 % commission
        • 10 level: 0.5 % commission
  • Residual Income
  • Free content
  • Telegram Bot



Questions? The Cryptoselfmade FAQ

How long does it take to deliver the outputs for the masternode.conf file?

After ordering, the Cryptoselfmade team will be notified and the delivery of the outputs may take up to 24 hours!

Are the coins safe in my wallet?

Yes, the coins are safe and no one has access to your coins except you.

Do I need to send my private key for starting the masternode?

No, we only need your Masternode Outputs to get your Masternode working. The outputs allow the master node to communicate with the server.

Can I sell my coins or masters at any time?

Yes, you can sell your coins or masters at any time. However, you will not receive any rewards after this time.

I would like to host a Masternode, but my desired coin is not offered in your list, what now?

If you can not find your masternode in our list, it could be already on our to-do-list. You can send us a message directly via the contact form and we will do our best to get your coin on our list as soon as possible.

Will my coins be safe?

The coins are always in your wallet. Once you receive the coins, make a backup of your wallet.
Store the fuse in a safe place (against theft, fire and water). Encrypt your wallet and do not lose the password.

What should I do as a customer to start my first Masternode?

1. Buy the coins at the exchange
2. Send the exact amount to your wallet.
3. Wait for at least 15 confirmations
4.Open the debug console in the wallet.
5.Enter "masternode outputs"
6. Copy all generated codes and send them to us!

We are hosting over 1500 Masternodes.
YOU can be the next!

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